Churrascaria Majórica
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First courses

Full appetizer (optional) (couvert completo)
- mini french roll, whole wheat bread, toast, olives, Paté, sausage, butter and sauce
Plain appetizer (optional) (couvert simples)
- mini French roll, butter, sausage and sauce
Sausage on the spit (unit)
House`s especialties

Grilled meats
(garnish: rice, farofa and french fries)
Special top sirloin cap (picanha especial)
Prime top sirloin cap (picanha nobre)
Plain fillet mignon (fillet mignon)
Fillet mignon on the spit (pinchito mignon)
Mini plain filet mignon (mini f. mignon)
Plain fillet mignon tournedos (m. tournedor)
Mini plain fillet mignon tournedos (mini mignon tournedor)
Half and Half - fillet mignon and pork sirloin With tomato and onion ( meio a meio)
Plain beef strip sirloin - chorizo steak - (contra-filet)
Mini plain beef strip sirloin (mini c.-filet)
Plain sirloin (alcatra)
Eye of rump (Capitão de alcatra)
Xixo - chunks of top sirloin cap with tomato and onion on the spit
Outside skirt on the spit (Fraldinha) Mixed skewer - meat, pork sirloin and
Sausage (pinchito misto)
Barbecued T-bone steak ( T - bone)
Steak chop (Bisteca - Chuleta)
Pork sirloin on the spit (Lombinho)
Grilled poultry
(garnish: rice, farofa and french fries)
Half chicken on the spit(1/2 frango)
Chicken breast fillet (Filet de peito)
Turkey medallion with bacon on the spit (Medalhão de peru)
Grilled seafood
Piece of codfish in emperor style - codfish grilled: with bell pepper, onion, broccoli, olive and garlic
Piece of codfish in Majórica style - codfish cooked: with egg, potato, broccoli, onion, garlic and olive
Charcoal-grilled piece of codfish - codfish on the spit: with potato, boiled egg and onion rings
Charcoal-grilled silver hake fillet with broccoli
Pink and big-sized shrimp on the spit wit onion and tomato
House`s suggestions
Chicken breast fillet: with gorgonzola sauce and crazy rice
Lamb top sirloin cap with mint sauce and sauté potato
Mignon Tournedos with potato in Piemontese style
Mignon in Majórica style with prussiana potato and two eggs
Filet mignon with asparagus in butter
Filet mignon in French style
Fillet medallion with Madeira sauce and Piemontese rice
Baby beef medallion of sirloin with Madeira sauce and rostie

Churrascaria Majórica
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